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Boys BBALL Nationals Day 2

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

8:00am games

Abbotsford Basketball U14 vs Falcons

Abbotsford pushed hard at the start of their match against the Falcons and followed through on that momentum to solidify their lead.

The Falcons made some good plays but struggled to keep up with their opponents.

Abbotsford won 55-35.

VSC Elite U13-14 vs Motion Express Basketball U14

VSC started off day 2 of the tournament with an elite display against Motion Express.

VSC were relentless in their offence and that led them to a win with a final score of 77-35.

604 Basketball Red vs MacHoops

MacHoops came out strong and left 604 trying to catch up to them for the entire match.

604 made for a fierce competitor, but MacHoops managed to outmaneuver them and win the game 63-47.

Team XV vs Downtown Ballers

It was a tight match between Team XV and the Downtown Ballers as the lead went back and forth between them the whole match.

Downtown Ballers went all out in the final minutes of the game, sinking some two-pointers that pushed to a victory at 54-51.

BC Hawks U15 vs Dynamite U15 Red

The BC Hawks started the day off with some aggressive offence play in their match against the Dynamite.

The Hawks took the win 63-25.

9:15am games

Wolf Pack U16 vs VanCity Basketball U16

It was a wild game in the second half of Wolf Pack vs VanCity.

Wolf Pack went from being far behind to tying up the game in a manner of minutes and the tension on the court soar.

It came down to the last minute of the match, but when the dust settled, VanCity had just barely taken the win 67-66.

Delta Force U14 vs VanCity

VanCity and Delta Force played a close match, but Delta Force got some early successful plays that gave them the edge over their opponents.

After a hard fought match, Delta Force took the win 49-43.

Rock Elite vs Abbotsford Basketball U18

Rock Elite and Abbotsford were going back and forth for the whole game.

The teams were equally matched in skill with the first half ending in a tie, but Abbotsford pulled ahead in the second half with some well executed tactics.

Abbotsford won the match 68-63.

Live2Give U18 vs 604 Basketball

604 Basketball put the pressure on their opponents right from the start, but Live2Give handled it gracefully and managed to take an early lead.

^04 was persistent though, and they managed to tire out Live2Give in the second half and push ahead, winning the game 82-59.

BC Energy vs VanCity U14

BC Energy and VanCity pushed hard against each other on the court.

It was an aggressive game in both half, but BC Energy stayed true to their name and kept their energy high for the whole match, netting them a win 82-60.

10:30am games

Wolf Pack Basketball U14 vs Dynamite U13

Dynamite took the lead early on in their match and they kept it the whole way through.

Wolf Pack didn't lose easily, they made a few bold plays work in their favour, but they couldn't catch up to to Dynamite, who won the game 52-40.

MacHoops vs New Era

New Era quickly came out ahead in their match agains MacHoops.

MacHoops was unable to rally against New Era's fast offence strategies and solid defensive maneuvers.

New Era took the win 84-33.

Burnaby Knights vs Shooting Stars Basketball Club

The Burnaby Knights and the Shooting Stars played a close game with the Stars only trailing by 4 points after the first half.

The Stars tried to close that gap in the second, but the Knights seized more critical opportunities and earned a win with a final score of 56-49.

Junior OC U17 vs Black Cats

It was a high scoring match for both teams with the final score being a difference of 4 points.

The Junior OC and the Black Cats were both emphasizing offence strategies in their play, but OC managed to connect on just a couple more shots and wound up with the win at 80-76.

Dynamite U16 Red vs The Squad

The Squad proved to be an unstoppable force in their game against Dynamite.

The Squad worked every angle of the court and took advantage of every opportunity they could, and that earned them a win with a final score of 89-32.

11:45am games

Rock Elite vs VanCity Basketball U16

Rock Elite started out strong and kept that momentum going throughout the game.

VanCity made some great plays when they could, but it wasn't enough to topple Rock Elite, who won the game 66-41

Dynamite U14 vs REFRESH

REFRESH kept Dynamite on their toes with their tight plays and bold strategies.

Dynamite pushed hard to keep the scores close, but REFRESH pushed back even harder in the second half and won the match 76-47

Northern Bounce U17 Red vs DC Wildcats

It was a tight back and forth for most of the match between Northern Bounce and the DC Wildcats, but it couldn't last that way forever.

Bounce picked up their game in the second half and played harder offence to secure the win at 51-43.

Sonics vs ATO Atheltic

ATO and Sonics gave their all in this match.

It was neck-and-neck, but ATO managed some clutch shots that gave them the win 68-63.

Live2Give U16 vs Excel U15/16

Excel was hungry for a win today and they got it in their match against Live2Give.

The lead went to Excel early on, and Live2Give struggled to keep up.

Excel took the match 77-39.