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Boys BBALL Nationals Day 1

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

11:00am games

Wolf Pack Basketball vs Shooting Stars Basketball Club

It was a tight match between Wolf Pack and Shooting Stars, with neither team willing to let the other pull too far ahead.

Shooting Stars finished the match strong and took the victory 49-44.

REFRESH vs VSC Elite U13-14

VSC grabbed the lead early on in the match and REFRESH spent the entire game trying to catch up to them.

The victory went to VSC with a final score of 57-42.

MacHoops vs F.O.R.M. Basketball Academy

F.O.R.M. held the lead early on in there match against MacHoop but they didn't hold onto it for long.

MacHoops pushed hard and won the match with a score of 68-51.

Delta Force U14 vs New Era

Delta Force started out strong in their match against New Era, scoring a three pointer early on and building on that, but New Era quickly closed the distance between the two.

New Era took the win with a final score of 73-49.

Shooting Stars Basketball Club U16 Purple vs Rock Elite

Shooting Stars and Rock Elite made their first match of the tournament one to remember.

It was a fiercely close competition with each side making the most of every opportunity they got.

Shooting Stars managed to pull ahead in the end and win the match 66-59.

12:15pm games

Live2Give U14 #1 vs Dynamite U14

Live2Give and Dynamite pushed hard against each other in their match.

The Dynamite managed more successful offensive plays and took the win 56-53.

Shooting Stars Basketball Club vs Rock Elite

Shooting Stars and Rock Elite were neck and neck for first half and most of the second.

Shooting Stars pressed harder in the second half and won the match 78-66.

Downtown Ballers vs VanCity Basketball U18

Downtown Ballers and VanCity continued today's trend of close matches.

It was a back and forth struggle in the first half that eventually saw VanCity come out on top and keep the lead for the rest of the match.

VanCity won 60-50.

Dynamite U16 Black vs BC Energy U16

It was an explosive match between BC Energy and Dynamite on the court.

The first half ended in a tie, but BC came back in the second with renewed energy, that allows them to take the win 75-65.

3:00pm games

Team Finish vs VanCity Basketball U1

VanCity managed take down Team Finish in their match despite some heavy resistance from their opponents.

The game was close, but VanCity made several critical plays that earned them win with a final score of 69-54.

New Era vs Huskies

New Era put on a next level display of skills in their match against the Huskies.

A strong offensive strategy allowed New Era to consistently sink shots and win the game 76-34.

Dynamite U16 Black vs Rock Elite

Despite the Dynamite's best efforts, they could not crack Rock Elite.

The first half saw the two teams evenly matched with a 2 point difference by the end of it.

Rock Elite would go to cement that small lead in the second half and win the game 75-63.

604 Basketball vs Motion Express

604 gained the lead early on in their match by string together a series of goals.

Motion Express made several strong plays, but they couldn't catch up to their opponents.

604 won the game 69-50.

Spotters Basketball vs VanCity

Spotters had established a strong lead when VanCity started closing the gap in the second half.

It turned into a tight match between the two, but the Spotters took control fo some critical moments and pulled out a win with a final score of 61-57.

4:15pm games

Wolf Pack Basketball U16 vs BC Hawks

It was a last minute turnaround in the tight match between Wolf Pack and the BC Hawks.

The Hawks had managed to pull ahead by a single point late in the match, but Wolf Pack rallied, sunk some baskets and finished the match with a win 59-55.

MacHoops vs Delta Force U14

MacHoops struck out hard and fast in their match against Delta Force and put themselves in the lead early on.

Delta Force scrambled to counter MacHoops tactics, but the damage was already done, and MacHoops took the game 76-55.

Live2Give U14 #2 vs Falcons

The Falcons took off early in the match and pushed past Live2Give's initial lead to take the match for themselves.

Falcons won 58-48.

Live2Give U18 vs Team XV

Live2Give pushed hard against Team XV and earned themselves an early lead.

XV played a strong game, even manning to take the lead briefly, but Live2Give took the match 71-62.

DC Wildcats vs 604 Basketball Red

It came down to the last minute in the match between the DC Wildcats and 604.

604 had just managed to pull ahead by 1 point with a free throw and the Wildcats put everything they had into trying to push the game into overtime.

The Wildcats' failure to connect on two free throws and a shot, along with another successful free throw from 605 left the game ending in standard time with a 604 victory at 58-56.

Excel U15/16 vs The Squad

The Squad and Excel proved to be the perfect match for each other.