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BCSS Governance Model Dependent on new Crop of Volunteers… who are they and will they actually come?

With the BC School Sports Hostile take over of 15 volunteer commissions, BCSS is hoping many of those commission members volunteer to help BCSS run 28-35 BC Championships starting in the 2021-22 School year. They must also oversee Zone Championships as well.

It seems as though instead of actually trying to get sports to happen this calendar year and get kids actually playing, BCSS have been spending all of their time trying to ban volunteers and their commissions and try and do a take over of the entire system.

These commissions are very concerned that many of the people who effectively run these sports, their zone championships, bc championships and volunteer at various events will no longer be involved or have input in these decisions. A large portion of these people aren’t teachers either so they will most likely feel disenfranchised and just walk away all together.

What happens when people don’t want to volunteer? PRICES GO UPPPPPP. That means kids have to pay more, or they wont play. SO now we have kids not playing high school sport because of this takeover? HOW DID WE EVEN GET HERE?

Why hasn’t this stuff been thought through? The commissions are concerned this will all not happen. If this motion passes, this goes into effect SEPT. 2021 These commissions that run everything right now will no longer be involved in these tournaments and championships. Where will the volunteers come from? What happens with the shortage of tournament volunteers?

Finally what does it say about BCSS that they literally don’t care about time honored traditions like the BC Boys basketball championships that have had volunteers for decades come back year after year. Why do they show these volunteers no respect?

It all seems very off putting to me.

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