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BC Sports Hub Top Girls Players: Shooter

This category makes you wish you brought an umbrella to the game because damn, these girls make it rain from pretty much anywhere on the court. Obviously we're looking at the players who hit those pesky threes, but think about any FG, for that matter. The shooter is the sniper of the team--and don't worry, she's got a license for those guns (lol, sorry I had to).

Let's get right down to business because this category had a doozy of a twist. We had not one, but TWO ties. One for 1st place and one for 4th.

Anyways, just a friendly reminder that the winners are 100% decided by you, the fans. So the fact that there are two winning Shooters is all on you guys.

Without further adieu, The Hub's Top Shooters are none other than Sammy Shields and Jenna Dick! Each girl racked up 36 votes to claim the top spot.

Riverside Rapids' little assassin ripped it up on the court this past season. Sammy's been a key component in Riverside's offence. Head Coach Paul Langford says, "When she is hot, she is on fire!" Averaging 20 points per game for her Rapids, Sammy rightfully earned the Top Shooter crown--well, half the crown at least. Here's what some of y'all had to say about Sammy:

"Nobody has range and confidence like Sammy."

"Watched her go off several times. Needs no time or space."

And the best response:

"She gets buckets." Well, duh...

The other half of that crown is worn by Brookswood Bobcats' Jenna Dick, the sharpest shooter out of the Fraser Valley. Her consistency and splashy treys put her at the top of this list, no doubt. She recently committed to Eastern Washington, too. So there's that. Her FG percentage is out of this world and one of you went as far to say that "if she gets space, she is the best shooter in the province, male or female."

Here's a few other reasonings for why Jenna is our (second) Top Shooter:

"Able to shoot and hit from anywhere with amazing consistency."

"There's a reason she went Div. 1!!"

And finally:

"She's wet."

Drip too hard, for sure.

As for the rest of the rankings, y'all had Abby's powerhouse Marin Lenz at # 3. She's seriously the Road Runner on the court with her speed and precision. And she's got another year in her, so I'm calling it right now: she's going to be high on this list (maybe even the # 1 shooter) next season.

Aforementioned earlier, we also had a tie for 4th place. With 18 points each, Walnut Grove's Sophia Wisotzki and Saint Thomas More's Emma Stewart-Barnett closed out the Top 5 spots for their skills in-and-around the paint.

Refer to the lovely pie chart below for backup percentages:

Stay tuned for the The Hub's Top Futures!

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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