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BC Sports Hub Top Girls Players: Scorer

News flash: to win at basketball, you have to outscore your opponents.

Thus, a truly great scorer has the potential to tip every game in your favour. They cannot only be relied on to get a bucket nearly every possession, they have ice in their veins and want the ball when it matters the most.

And this year, we had the pleasure of watching one of the best scorers in recent memory. She was able to at some points seemingly score at will, and helped lead her team to a 2nd place finish at provincials.

We’re talking about Walnut Grove’s Tavia Rowell!

Tavia’s ability as a scorer are endless. She’s equally adept at scoring inside, from midrange, and even from the three point line. She averaged well over 25 points a game for the entire season. Her ability to create her own shot for herself in crunch time was frankly unmatched in the girls basketball game this past season. When she had the ball, you just knew something special was going to happen.

Here’s what fans had to say about the future Grand Canyon University player;

“She's super clutch and can shoot and drive really well.”

“She is fearless and confident. Her skills match her attitude. I would give her the ball in every close game, no question.”

“Player who wants the ball and is able to hit the key bucket.”

Congrats to Tavia, and we at BC Sports Hub look forward to following you in your college career!

Here’s the rest of the top five:

#2 Maddy Gobeil, South Kamloops Titans

Maddy did at the 2A level what Tavia did at the 3A level. Finishing just six votes behind, the future UFV Cascade was an incredibly versatile scorer who can hit from everywhere on the court.

#3 Jessica Wizotski, Walnut Grove Gators

Much like her teammate Tavia, Jessica was a player who could score from seemingly anywhere. Her ability to finish from five feet and in from the hoop makes her a special player.

#4 Izzy Forsyth, Semiahmoo Totems

Izzy was one of the best scorers in the province this past season — and she was only in grade 10. She constantly came up clutch for the Totems enroute to a provincial banner.

#5 Jenna Dick, Brookswood Bobcats

Jenna finished tied for the best shooter in the province, and thus racked up the points for the Bobcats. Her 28 point performance against Riverside at provincials will not soon be forgotten.

Here's how the votes broke down, in case you were wondering.

Next up: the Top Teams from last season!

Written by: Nick Bondi

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