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BC Sports Hub Top Girls Players: Futures

If you were to make a list of the top BC high school girls prospects of tomorrow, we guarantee that the majority of these names would make the cut. In fact, most of these girls are so skilled, they play at a level where you may even be surprised that they were not seniors this past season.

Side note: one of the girls on this list is in Grade 8. Yes, you read that right. She's ONLY in Grade 8!

Okay, let's get down to business. The # 1 Future to look out for next season hails from a team that has been to the Provincial Championship Finals the past two years. They play with a whole lot of grit and even more heart--and the winner of this category looks as though she will follow in her big sister's footsteps on the court, both in her size and sheer dominance as an inside player and shooter.

As voted by the fans, Julia Tuchscherer of the G.W. Graham Grizzlies is your 2019 Top Future player!

Alright, so you know how I made a big fuss about a Grade 8 being on this list? Well, Julia is a Grade 9 (pretty close, right?) who plays like a senior. Scratch that, I'll go as far to say she's nearly a USport level, and she's just getting started. With a few more high school basketball seasons left to play, she's surely going to turn heads in the future. Hence why she takes the Futures cake in this one.

Let's take a look back at provincials. Girl dropped more points than most throughout the Grizzlies run at the banner. Plus, some say height doesn't matter (which I totally believe), but Julia's height elevates her game as a post for sure. She's had sister Deanna to look up to, as well. She's bound to continue to turn heads in the coming years and the fans agree:

"She crushes down low."

"Untapped potential."

"Best young post in the province."

And my personal fave response:

"Because she's a beastttt." Quadruple T's make it real.

The runner-ups were all closely contested, with Semiahmoo Totems' and 2019 Provincial MVP Deja Lee grabbing 2nd place. She has phenomenal ball IQ and considering she's only in Grade 10 this year, she's definitely bound to impress in the next two years, too.

"Super athlete with D1 talent."

Right around the corner in 3rd place is R.A. McMath Wildcats' gangbuster Grade 8 (!!!) Marina Radocaj. At 6'2, Marina towers over her opponents, yet also has a graceful presence on the court. She shoots her shot and it almost always goes in.

"She’s only Grade 8 and she’s already doing well. Watch out for her. She’s quick, has finesse, a shooter, far or mid range, and... she’s 6’2."

In at # 4 is Abbotsford Panthers' little firecracker, Marin Lenz. She's quick, agile, gritty, and one of the sharpest shooters we've ever seen. Marin defies the odds and proves that size definitely does not matter.

"Very athletic and determined- tries full on and competes flat out."

With the last spot in our Top 5, we have a tie as Riverside's Sammy Shields and Walnut Grove's Sophia Wisotzki both had 16 votes each.

Sammy's been ballin' at the senior level since Grade 8 and has yet to reach her full potential. She shoots lights out from anywhere on the court, giving her unbelievable range with her threes.

"Female Miguel Tomley."

And have you seen 'Little Wiz' shoot? Damn, her form and shot are nearly unparalleled. She makes it look easy, too. Sophia's a monster on defence, which has hoisted her high on this list because she's a dual threat on either end of the field.

"Soph is honestly already amazing but if she keeps improving the way she has since grade 8 she could go down in history for BC!"

Since we gave you a plethora of Futures to choose from, here are the rest of the girls who made the Top 10 list (starting at # 7 since there was a tie for # 5):

# 7 - Izzy Forsyth, Semiahmoo Totems

"MVP or Allstar in 6 tournaments as a Grade 10...Best inside and outside game. Top scorer and rebounder."

# 8 - Cassiel Penalosa, Saint Thomas More Knights

"Very gifted athlete with agility, IQ and ball handling/passing"

# 9 - Tara Wallack, Semiahmoo Totems

"Moves very well, good on both defensive and offensive ends. Shoots the ball well and can attack. Also gets major blocks and steals."

# 10 - Makenna Gardner, Langley Christian Lightning

"Scorer, but can find open player when needed, great defender."

Be sure to keep an eye on all of these basketball babes in the future!

And stay tuned for the most prestigious category on The Hub's countdown, the Top Scorer!

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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