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BC Sports Hub Top Girls Players: Defender

The question posed to you, the fans was simple. Who has the biggest clamps in all of BC Girls basketball?

Having a great defender on your team helps tremendously. Someone who can shut down the opposing team’s best player can help you win a lot of ball games. Whether that’s defending on the perimeter or on the inside — a great defender has to be able to do both.

The top defender as voted on by you was… Faith Dut!

The saying ‘defence wins championships’ held true with Faith this past season, as she was a key component of a Semiahmoo team that went undefeated to win the provincial banner. Also named our Top Inside Player, her ability to defend every position on the floor made her a weapon that was hard to game plan against if you were going up against the Totems.

Here’s what the fans had to say:

“A physical presence. Shot blocking and rebounding beast.”

“She is good at tracking the ball and she can block well.”

“Defends bigs and guards.”

And our personal favourite response:

“How you suppose to get a layup with this girl standing at the rim.”

Congrats to Faith on the award, and we look forward to following your college career!

Here’s who finished two through 5:

#2 Sophia Wizotski, Walnut Grove Gators

The back to back provincial defensive MVP is the future of the Gators alongside Fania Taylor. Her quickness allows her to lock down anyone on the court.

#3 Tara Wallack, Semiahmoo Totems

Anytime your team has two of the top three defenders in the province, you’re in pretty good shape. Her athleticism was apparent on every defensive shift she put in.

#4 Suprise Munie, Jessica Wizotski, Brooklyn Monks - Britannia, Walnut Grove, Saint Thomas More

We had a three-way tie for fourth, as each one got exactly 21 votes each. All three players used their athleticism and high basketball IQ to put the clamps on the opposing players.

#5 Jessica Clarke, Saint Thomas Aquinas Fighting Saints

One half of the STA Twin Towers defence with Gemma Cutler, Jessica’s inside presence must have put the fear of God into players from around AA this past season. She’s poised for a monster senior season next year.

Written by: Nick Bondi

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