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BC Sports Hub Top Boys Players: Swiss Army Knife

After much anticipation (and some delay), we've finally rounded up the rest of the Top Boys, with the next category showcasing the handy-dandy, most versatile player on the court who seems to get 'er done at any given moment.

To define the term Swiss Army Knife, I'll quote the great Bob's Burgers: "It's a multi-tool—it does everything nature requires!"

And technically, this player IS a multi-talented 'tool' on the court that opens up a plethora of chances to help his team get the W. He does everything that basketball requires. See what I did there?

So we broke it down and gave you a fancy list of knives to choose from and the shiniest, trustiest, most essential Swiss Army Knife goes to...drum roll please...

...Kelowna Owls' Parker Johnstone!

K-Town's secret weapon in Parker (along with his trusty sidekick Hunter Simson) elevated the Owls to the championship finals, where the team successfully claimed silver overall in the province. If y'all had the chance to watch this kid play, you're probably still trying to find your jaw. You know, since it dropped to the floor.

We've had the opportunity to watch Parker at the Western Canada's for two years in a row and he's an absolute stunner on either side of the court. Head coach Harry Parmar relied heavily on Parker throughout the season, which isn't a surprise given the sheer talent he possesses both offensively and defensively. He can score, block, steal, hit the treys, and bring the hype. Not to mention that flow, dayummm.

So, what did the fans have to say about the 2019 Top Swiss Army Knife?

"Guy put his team on his back."

"Once again, single handedly brought his honourable mention ranked team of rookies to the provincial finals."

And the best response:

"Demi God."

Behind the God-like presence of Parker Johnstone, here are the remaining Top 5 Swiss Army Knives. Ironically, the next dude on this list is literally behind Parker in the photo above.

# 2 - Austin Swedish, Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers

Whenever I think of Austin, I can't help but see this image in my head.


This photo was taken during the awards ceremony following Lord Tweedsmuir's epic win against the Owls to claim their first ever provincial banner. Austin had just taken a first glance at the championship rings and his face is a BIG mood. At any rate, Austin can score, pass, and dominate the glass. He's one of the best all-rounders in BC, by far, and was a key component in guiding the Panthers to the gold.

"Wouldn't have won provincials without him!"

# 3 - Bithow Wan, Byrne Creek Bulldogs

I mean, if this dude wasn't dropping 30 points on average, would the Bulldogs even go to the provincials this past season? All jokes aside, Bithow was the glue of his team and proved himself time and time again that he could help carry the team on his back. Which honestly, there's no shame in that. He's a big with length, yet also a complete team player.

"Ability combined with selfless mindset, he puts the team’s needs first and does what he needs to in order to win."

# 4 - Hunter Simson, Kelowna Owls

If y'all had the chance to watch the Owls play this year, you'd most likely hear his name just as much as Parker's. Hunter played a crucial role in Kelowna's success this season and he's more than a triple threat when he laces up. The Dynamic Duo of him and Parker was nearly unstoppable; Hunter's aggressive style of play was commendable and allowed for him to really step it up when the Owls needed a bucket. Not to mention, he's still got another year in him!

"He has clamps."

# 5 - Simon Crossfield, Sir Charles Tupper Tigers

Grabbing our last spot on the Top 5 is Tupper's Simon Crossfield. He complimented teammates Gurab and Norben to help take the Tigers to the quarterfinals, where they unfortunately were taken down by the soon-to-be 3A provincial champs, the North Delta Huskies. Thanks to his high rebound percentage and his defensive abilities (plus the kid's a whopping 6'5), Tupper was a force this past season.

"Man is the definition of a Point Forward. He’s got the handle and can take it to the hole, but if you sag, he’s gonna drill the three. #rimprotector"

Refer to the lovely pie chart below for the fancy percentages.

Next up: The Hub's Top Inside Player. Hint: He's going D1.

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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