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BC Sports Hub Top Boys Players: Playmaker

We’re almost done our Top Players series, and this time we’re taking a look at the players who set up the buckets instead of putting them down.

A playmaker is often a thankless but necessary role on a team. Let’s be real assists don’t look nearly as nice as points on a box score, but they are just as important.

This player who finished as the top playmaker though had enough dimes to fill a piggy bank, and he not only dished it out consistently but did so in spectacular fashion. He put the team on his back, leading them to a 3A provincial title — the program’s first since before I was born.

If you followed the BC high school basketball scene this year you know exactly who I’m talking about.

Suraj Gahir was a playmaker of the highest order. I watched him and the North Delta Huskies plenty of times this past season, and Suraj made everyone on his team that much better than they already were. So many times Suraj would rush down the court on a fast break, and dish a Magic Johnson-esque no-look pass to a wide open teammate for an easy bucket.

Want more proof?

Take a look at their provincial quarter-final matchup. Taking on the top ranked Sir Charles Tupper Tigers, Suraj had 10 assists in that game helping four other teammates get to double digits in points. Those points were crucial in helping the Huskies get by to the semi-finals with a seven point win.

But enough of my fan-boying. Here’s what you had to say about the North Delta standout.

“Draws a lot of attention and has great court vision.”

“High basketball IQ and great passing ability make him a huge part of the North Delta offence, even when he isn’t the one scoring.”

“Every time Suraj gets the ball the crowd loves it.”

And maybe the best one: “Every time I see him play, he has me in awe.”

Here’s who else finished in the top five:

#2 Jerric Palma, St. George Saints

One of the top guards in all of BC, Jerric was the rare combination of being wet from three AND an excellent passer. He was great at using his quickness to get people open, and his vision on the court was second to none.

“I hate Saints but damn the man Jerric is a baller.”

#3 David Chien, Terry Fox Ravens

Not only did he have some of the best hair in all of BC high school basketball, David was a consistent, reliable point guard for the Ravens this past season. One of the best ball distributors in the province, and was willing to pass the rock to some great teammates.

“Goggles give him the vision.” (lmao)

#4 Luka Dolman, Kitsilano Blue Demons

Luka dazzled fans with his ability to not only cross up his defender, but dish a sweet pass to the open man. Also great at kicking out to the open three.

“Has the best flashy passes and sets up the open guy.”

#5 Jaime Molins, Oak Bay Bays

Jaime showed off some of that signature Brazilian flair all of last season. He positions himself at the right place at the right time, and was there to set up Diego Maffia for his threes on a consistent basis. He was the "Robin to Diego’s Batman" - Chris Evans, 2019

“He is very shifty breaks ankles and will finish on anyone.”

Next up: Top Shooter!

Written by: Nick Bondi