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BC Sports Hub Top Boys Players: Gritty Player

You voted on who the top girls players were this past season. Now, it’s time to reveal who the top players of 2019 were on the boys side as voted on by you, the fans.

And a lot of you this year voted and made your voices heard. We got over 640 responses from people, giving us we feel is a good sense of who the best of the best was in the boys game in 2019. We’ll do the same categories as the girls in addition to a top overall player award — you’ll have to stay tuned for that one.

So let’s get started. First up, is the Top Gritty Player. This player personified the meaning of grit throughout the season, and was constantly one of, if not the hardest working players on both sides of the floor.

We’re talking about Britannia’s Josh Kagande!

Josh won by the slimmest of margins — only a single vote separated himself from the runner up, Michael Risi from the Holy Cross Crusaders. But that’s not to take anything away from Josh. It just goes to show the respect Josh commanded from his opponents and teammates this past season.

Josh’s playing style is going all out for 40 minutes. He never takes a second off on either side of the ball, and is capable of doing everything it takes to win. Even in the Vancouver All-Star Game held at Magee Secondary last week, he was going at full tilt — whether that was setting up teammates or getting buckets himself.

Here’s what respondents had to say on the Britannia Bruin:

“Strength, speed and IQ. He has hustle and will never lose easily.”

“Fantastic player. Kept guys moving, and guessing. Quick player.”

“Will stop at nothing to lose and will do whatever he can to get a win.”

Congrats to Josh on a well deserved award!

Here’s the rest of the top five:

#2 Michael Risi, Holy Cross Crusaders

As mentioned earlier, Risi finished just one vote behind Josh in the voting and it’s easy to see why. He never stops working on both ends of the floor, and was willing to sacrifice to help his team in whatever role they need from him.

#3 Ryan Cabico and Hunter Simson, North Delta and Kelowna

A tie at third just goes to show how tight the voting was for this award. Ryan was an underrated part of the championship Huskies, getting steals constantly and essentially being a one man press. Hunter was an extremely hard working, tough defender.

#4 Jio Khan, Burnaby South Rebels

Jio hustled all year for the Rebels. An all around player who was a key component of his team and never took a shift off.

#5 David Chien, Terry Fox Ravens

Perhaps owning the best hair in BC high school basketball, David was a workhorse every game for 40 minutes and always prided himself on his defensive game.

Written by: Nick Bondi

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