BC Sports Hub Top 10 Teams: Girls 2019

As we wrap up our The Hub’s Top 5’s for the gals, we leave you with the notorious Top 10 Teams from the 2018/19 season. Again, the order of these teams were chosen 100% by the fans and players (with some guidance from our picks, too).

At any rate, it’s always difficult to fit only 10 teams into this list, especially when each team brings something unique to the court—and not to mention, each squad boasts star athletes that are unparalleled in their own craft.

But that’s the fun in sports: without a lil healthy competition, we’d all be on the same level and playing for mere participation ribbons. And honestly, where’s the fun in that?

Drumroll please…

# 10 – Kelowna Owls & Robert Bateman Timberwolves

In at the 10th spot, we’ve got two teams who topped the charts at the BC’s this year: one being the Robert Bateman Timberwolves. The Bateman girl ballers made it to the quarterfinals, where those gnarly Grove Gators were a bit too much for them to handle. Boasting a squad of 8 seniors, including star point guard Jayden Gill, the Timberwolves showed us their grit this past season.

Right beside them, the Kelowna Owls swooped down onto our list as well. With Kennedy Dickie and Jaeli Ibbetson on your roster, there’s no doubt the high-flying Owls would be a Top 10 on The Hub. Finishing 4th at the big stage, the Owls utilized their versatile bigs in Dickie and Ibbetson to prove the Okanagan has a whole lot of game in ‘em, still.

# 9 – Saint Thomas Aquinas Fighting Saints

In at numero 9, the Saint Thomas Aquinas Fighting Saints were nothing short of amazing this past season, with all eyes on Jessica Clarke, who still has another year in her left to battle. Same for Gemma Cutler, who really stepped it up in the paint and as a dominant inside player, as well. The Saints are stacked with incredible Grade 11 talent; so we’re certain they’ll continue to show us their skills on the court next year.

# 8 – Yale Lions

With just 7 girls on the team, the Yale Lions obviously were bound to make our list. Led by coach Bobby Braich, the Lions ruffled a lot of feathers this season. Star shooter Tana Pankratz was an exemplary athlete for her squad and helped lock down a 7th place finish at the 2019 Provincials. Keep on roaring, girls!

# 6 –Langley Christian Lightning & Riverside Rapids

Yet another tie! Since we had to make a jump from spot 8 to 6, you probably already figured we’d have another equalizer—and given the tenacity out of both groups of gals, it’s easy to see why both are sitting pretty together.

The Langley Christian Lightning lit up the court all season long, with little thunderbolt Makenna Gardner putting up a plethora of points during any given game. PS—she was in Grade 11 this year, so girl’s still got another year to keep it real for the Lightning. Alongside Grade 12 guard Hailey Van Roekel, Langley Christian grabbed 3rd place at the Provies.

Hopping back over to the AAA tier, the Riverside Rapids were more like a tsunami this season, with oodles of Grade 12 talent, including the grittiest playmaker in PoCo, Jessica Parker. Rapids’ Tessa Burton and Alanya Davignon were also key components in Riverside’s undeniable success this year. And don’t forget lights-out shooter, Sammy Shields, who’s still got two more years of high school ball left to go!

# 5 – South Kamloops Titans

It’s surprising that these Titanic Titans weren’t higher on our list, but the votes were 100% up to the fans this time around; so don’t blame this little reporter. All jokes aside, South Kam earned a top spot given their success as back-to-back provincial champs, with one of the best all-round players in the province, too. Maddy Gobeil earned herself MVP honours for the second consecutive year and took her team to incredible heights this season. She’ll surely be missed next year.

# 4 – G.W. Graham Grizzlies

The growlin’ Grizzlies from G.W. Graham were full of grit and heart both on-and-off the court this year, with the Tuchscherer Towers leading the way for their team and finishing 2nd in the province, yet again! Considering G.W. had only two Grade 12s, one being Deanna Tuchscherer and the other Aliza Dueck, the Grizzlies are bound to hold a dominant presence on the top charts next season, too. Be sure to keep it locked on little Tuchscherer Tower, Julia—she won our 2019 Top Future category for good reason!

# 3 – Brookswood Bobcats