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BC Sports Hub's Girls Top Players: Swiss Army Knife

Next up on our list of The Hub's Top 5, we asked you (the fans and players) to choose the most versatile athlete of them all. We dubbed this category the Swiss Army Knife fittingly, since this chick can literally do it all. Need a bucket? Boom, she's your girl. Want a bit of spice out on the court? BAM, she brings the grit when necessary. Down by two points and need a game-winning trey? SWISH! She's got you nearly every time.

The Swiss Army Knife is basically the of any team. She's your go-to gal on the court and without a doubt defines what this category stands for.

Again, this year's results are 100% fan voted.

That being said, with 48 votes, the Top Swiss Army Knife for 2019 is...


Not only did Maddy and her Titanic Titans claim the 2A Provincial banner for the second year in a row, Maddy was also named the MVP back-to-back years, as well.

Maddy is the Jimmy Butler of her class. Like Butler, she shoots her shot, and it's going in nearly every single time. She also is a crucial playmaker on the team and sets the squad up for success, just like the NBA star does for the 76ers. And at times, you can literally see the grit in her eyes.

South Kam's not-so-secret weapon Maddy Gobeil takes the cake, hands down, as the 2019 Swiss Army Knife.

And the fans backed up their top choice with some clutch reasonings:

"She’s an overall strong player. She gets it done from all over the court. Rebounds like she’s bigger than she is. Her physical strength makes her an asset on both sides of the court."

"She's a very well rounded player and performs well under pressure."

"Do I need a reason?"

The best reasoning of all: "Real G."

Maddy "The G" Gobeil, congrats on being recognized as this season's most versatile player on all ends of the court.

As usual, here are the runner-ups:

# 2 - Surprise Munie, Britannia Bruins

Surprise locked it down for the Bruins this past year and she's still got another year of high school ball to go. You can literally feel her presence during any game and has been entertaining to watch, too. Be sure to watch out for her next season as she cuts it up on the court.

# 3 - Jessica Parker, Riverside Rapids

Parker is PoCo's prized scorer, defender, and everything between. Jess gets knocked down, but gets right back up again with a huge smile on her face at any given moment. She played with more passion than a passionfruit and is bound to continue her success with the UFV Cascades next year.

# 4 - Tana Pankratz, Yale Lions

Yale's Tana Pankratz can do pretty much anything and given her length, she could rebound and lay it up on either end of the court. Pair that with her grit (and ROAR) and she's one of the sharpest Swiss Army Knives in BC.

# 5 - Jenessa Knapp, Brookswood Bobcats

Jenessa played with a whole lot of heart this year and given the Bobcats run at provincials, she was one of the keys to Brookswood's success. Her aggressive style of play paired with some sniper shots kept her within the Top 5 this year.

Up next: Top Inside Player

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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