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BC Sports Hub's Girls Top Players: Inside Player

An inside presence is essential to be a great team. A player who can intimidate the attacking player defensively and be a reliable option on the offensive end of the floor are what the job is all about. It’s a tall order to do both things well, but good inside players are the masters of this delicate balancing act.

And this season, we had a player with one of the most dominant inside presence we’ve seen in quite some time in the province. It’s no wonder she’s going to a Division I powerhouse in the University of Florida. So who is this terrific player?

It’s none other than Semiahmoo’s Faith Dut!

Faith was a key component of a Semiahmoo Totems team that went undefeated throughout the entire season. As one of only two grade 12s on the team, her veteran leadership was a key component of their ultimately successful formula.

And look no further than the provincial final to illustrate her impact on her team. After getting her third foul early, she had to sit most of the first half — it was no surprise it was then that the Walnut Grove Gators started to extend their early lead.

However, once Faith got back into the game she flexed her dominance, not taking another foul the rest of the way and helping her team cap off the undefeated season as provincial champs.

Unsurprisingly respondents were very impressed with her game and why they were.

“Many post moves and reads the defence well” said one person.

“Just too good and too big; short jumper looked spectacular in the provincial final” said another.

“This is too easy” said yet another. And you know what, we kind of agree.

Here's who else made the top five:

#2 Jessica Wizotski and Deanna Tuchscherer, Walnut Grove Gators and G.W. Graham Grizzlies

We have a tie! Both players got exactly 38 votes, both Jessica and Deanna were provincial runners up, and both players were double-double machines for their teams this past season. Their ability to dominate inside were truly unmatched, and the future SFU and UFV players will no doubt be able to translate their talents to the next level.

#4 Izzy Forsyth, Semiahmoo Totems

Izzy being on this list illustrates the embarrassment of riches Semiahmoo had this past season. An excellent scorer, her height allowed her to get to the hoop easily or score from the perimeter.

#5 Karsen Look, Brookswood Bobcats

For an old school inside presence, look no further than Brookswood’s Karsen Look. Karsen was tenacious on the boards all year, and there was no one better three feet in from the hoop than the future UVic Vikes star.

Written by: Nick Bondi

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