Girls BBALL Nationals Day 3

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

9:00am games

VK Basketball U17 Red vs Sask Girls Provincial Team

The first half of the match saw VK Red and Saskatchewan stay on relatively equal footing with both teams making successful plays.

Saskatchewan held a 7 point lead at the end of the first half and they played even stronger in the second half, winning the match with a score of 76-56

FYBA Baskeball vs Lynn Valley Basketball

FYBA shows no signs of slowing down on day 3, as they rounded out the first half of their match against Lynn Valley with a score of 32-0.

Lynn Valley managed to get some points on the board in the second half, but they couldn't stop FYBA from dominating both sides of the court.

The final score was 51-11 for FYBA.

Jr. Vikes U13 vs VK Basketball U13 Black

VK Black is starting out day 3 strong with some tight defensive plays that pushed the Jr. Vikes back.

VK held the lead throughout the match and got a win with a final score of 38-16

Rise U15 vs Vancouver United U14

RIse struck out fast at the star of the match and earned themselves an early lead against Vancouver United.

United doubled their efforts and managed to tie up the scores briefly in the second half at 35-35.

Rise won out in the end, finishing the match with a score of 60-51.

10:15am games

Jabogs vs Reign Basketball

Jabogs consistently improved their strategies throughout their match against Reign.

The two were fairly evenly matched in the first half, but Jabogs put in a strong second half that earned them a win with a final score of 43-28.

VK Basketball U13 Red vs Strathcona

VK Red and Strathcona went back and forth for the first few minutes of their match before VK Red stepped up their game and took an early lead.

The match went to VK Red with a score of 43-18.

VK Basketball U15 vs Vancouver United U16/17

VK simply could not be stopped by Vancouver United.

United struggled to put points on the board due to VK's ruthless offence.

VK won 72-9.

VK Basketball U17 Black vs Jr Vikes U17 #1

VK Blacks were performing at peak levels at agains the Jr. Vikes.

VK was steadily sinking baskets from start to finish and won the match at 70-31.

11:30am games

Edmonton Grads vs Jr. Heat

The first two points were in the Grads favour, but the Jr. Heat got fired up fast and took the lead in the first half.

Jr. Heat won the game with a score of 63-35.

B3 Elite U15 vs Lynn Valley Basketball

B3 put on a truly elite display against Lynn Valley.

The early minutes of the match were close, but B3 Elite quickly shot ahead, leaving Lynn Valley with no chance of catching up.

The final score was 50-15 for B3.

Saskatoon Supernovas vs Rise U15

The Saskatoon Supernovas played an aggressive game, keeping Rise ion the defensive for most of the match.

Rise started making stronger moves in the second half, but it was too late in the game to turn things around.

The win went to Supernovas with a score of 35-22.

12:00pm game

VK Basketball U12 vs Strathcona

Game 1 of the U13 bracket kicked off with VK pushing hard against Strathcona.

VK scored first, scored fast, and scored more than Strathcona, winning the match at 41-21

12:45pm games

Kamloops Stormers vs Reign Basketball

Reign put on a strong display on the court but they couldn't overcome the Kamloops Stormers.

Stormers won 62-44.

Delta Force Athletics U14 vs Vancouver United U14

Delta Force countered Vancouver United at every step of their match.

United struggled to keep up with their opponents, though they managed a few successful plays.

Delta took the win 47-19.

1:15pm game

BC Blazers vs VK Basketball Red

BC Blazers absolutely dominated the court in the U13 bracket's Game 3.

It was a decisive victory for the Blazers who finished with a score of 45-6.

1:30pm game

Edmonton Grads vs Rock Elite

Rock Elite showed everyone why "elite" is in their name during their match against the Edmonton Grads.

Game 1 of the U17 Elite bracket was a masterful display by Rock Elite, who won with a score of 71-28.

2:00pm game

VK Basketball U14 Black vs Saskatoon Supernovas

VK Black took hold of the court early on in the match against Supernova and they rarely let it go.

The match ended in Vk Black's favour with a final score of 57-11.

2:30pm games

CBA U13 vs Jr Vikes

Game 4 of the U13 bracket saw CBA overtake the Jr. Vikes.

The Vikes started out strong but faltered as the match progressed.

CBA won 67-30.

VK Basketball U17 Red vs Jr Vikes

It was a close match in the first half with VK and Jr. Vikes trading the lead back and forth.

Then end of the first half saw the vikes in the lead, but VK Red managed to push ahead during the second half and secure a win with a score of 54-40.


VK Basketball U15 vs Triple Threat

VK Basketball and Triple Threat gave it their all in the U17 Elite bracket match.

Triple Threat was off to an early lead but couldn't keep VK out of their court.

VK won the match 54-41.

4:00pm games

VK U17 Black vs Rock Elite

Rock Elite proved to be no obstacle for VK Black who made some great offensive plays in the second half of the match.

Rock Elite held their own for the first half, but VK took the win with a score of 74-44.

Jr. Vikes vs LSA Blue

Jr VIkes couldn't be stopped in their match against LSA Blue.

The Vikes pushed hard after letting LSA score the first basket and VIkes took U15 Elite game 1 with a score of 61-37.

MacHoops vs Saskatoon Supernovas

It was down to the wire in the game between MacHoops and the Supernovas as the first half ended in a tie.

The two remained closed matched for the second half with MacHoops just barely pulling ahead and winning the match with a score of 32-30.

B3 Elite vs VK U14 Red

B3 Elite couldn't keep up with VK Red in the first half, but they managed to turn things around in their second half.

B3 made a strong comeback and finished the match with a score of 53-43.

5:00pm games

Saskatchewan Provincial Girls Team vs LSA Red

Saskatchewan continues to see success on the court, as their match against LSA Red resulted in a definitive victory.

LSA got their shots in when they could, but Saskatchewan took the match 69-37.


The early minutes of the match saw UBCO and OC equally matched, but UBCO quickly pulled ahead with a strong offence.

OC tried to push back, but the match ended with UBCO winning 54-34.

VK U17 Red vs Jr. Vikes

The Jr.Vikes started out strong and finished the first half 2 points ahead of VK Red,

The second half of the match was where VK shined, using some bold strategies to take the win with a final score of 54-40.

VK Basketball U14 Black vs Edmonton Grads

VK Black won another match thanks to their unflinching offence and strong teamwork.

The Grads pulled together in the second half, but couldn't manage a full` comeback, leaving VK to win the match 64-40.

Excel U 13 vs Junior OC

The first half saw Excel and Junior OC pushing against each other with equal amounts of success on both ends.

The back-and-forth match eventually saw Excel pull ahead and win the match 53-40.

VK U13 Black vs VK U12

VK Black didn't take it easy on their younger counterparts, but that didn't stop the VK U12 from making some good plays.

VK Black won out with a score of 35-13.

FYBA vs Rise

FYBA started strong right out of the gate and kept that momentum going for the whole match.

Rise couldn't keep their opponents down, and FYBA won the match 62-26.


Delta Force vs MacHoops

Delta Force got off to a shaky start, but managed to pull ahead of MacHoops before the end of the fist half.

MacHoops couldn't manage to take Delta down in the second half and Delta walked away with a 57-32 victory.

Triple Threat Black vs Jabogs

Triple Threat and Jabogs pushed each other to their limits during the U17 All-Star bracket match.

The early half was full of back-and-forth action, but Jabogs started outmaneuvering Triple Threat in the later half of the match.

Jabogs took victory with a final score of 58-41.

7:15pm game

Jr. Vikes vs FYBA

It was a tight match between the Vikes and FYBA for the first half, with a difference of only 5 points at the end of it.

The second half saw FYBA come back with a more focused offensive strategy that netted them a win with a final score of 67-55.

VK Basketball U13 Black vs Excel

VK Black exceeded the expectations of their opponent, Excel.

It was a landslide victory for VK Black who put up 59 points to Excel's 13.

Venue Kings vs Cascades

The Venue Kings remain court royalty after defeating the Cascades in their match-up.

Cascades did their best to catch up and scored more than a few points, but the Venue Kings could not be contained.

Venue Kings won with a score of 71-43.

7:30pm games

Capilano Blues vs UBCO

UBCO started out their match against Capilano with a strong run of buckets, forcing Capilano to play catch-up for the whole match.

Capilano took too long to get an effective strategy in play and they suffered for it.

UBCO won out in the end with a score of 58-39.

Edmonton Grads vs Cascades


CBA vs BC Blazers

It was one of the most tense matches yet between CBA and the BC Blazers.

The score came down to 46-46 in the second half where the BC Blazers won it all on a successful foul throw leaving the final score at 47-46.

Jr. Heat vs Jr. Vikes

Jr. Vikes couldn't handle the Jr. Heat, despite their best efforts.

Jr Heat edged out their opponent and slowly increased their lead over the course of the match.

The win went to Jr. Heat with a final score of 55-38

VK Basketball U14 Red vs VK Basketball U14 Black

The saying goes "always bet on black" and it rang true in this match-up.

Black took the lead early on and made sure that Red had no chance to take it from them.

Black won 50-35.

8:30pm games

VK Basketball U17 Black vs VK Basketball U17 Red

Black and Red put their all into this match, but only one of them could come out the winner.

The lead went back and forth for awhile until Black started pushing a little harder and establishing a more substantial lead.

Black took the victory 55-46.


Vancouver United vs Lynn Valley

Vancouver United took down Lynn Valley, but not before Lynn Valley made a strong play at a comeback.

Halfway through the match, the score was 7-25 for Lynn Valley, and although they lost, they managed to close the gap between them and their opponent.

Vancouver United won 39-29.

Kamloops Stormers vs VK Basketball U15

The Kamloops Stormers couldn't overcome VK on the court.

VK secured a lead early on in the match and the Stormers were left trailing behind.

Final score was 62-30 for VK.

Saskatchewan Provincial vs Jr. Heat

Saskatchewan is proving to be an unstoppable force in their match-ups.

Jr. Heat played a strong game, but they couldn't outpace Saskatchewan, who won the match 82-56.

OC vs Venue Kings

Venue Kings dominated in their match against OC.

The heavy handed victory came in at 72-24 for VK.

By: Jake Cressy

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