Bballnationals Girls Division Day 2

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

10:00am games

LSA Red vs Jr Vikes U17 #2

LSA Red took an early lead in their match against the Jr. Vikes, starting with a successful foul throwing, followed by some classic two-pointers.

That lead wouldn't last, as the Jr. Vikes refined their strategy and started pushing ahead, closing the first half with a score of 32-18.

Vikes took the win with a final score of 58-38.

VK Basketball U14 Red vs MacHoops

VK Basketball Red pushed hard in their first match of the day, forcing MacHoops to be on defence more often that not.

MacHoops got their shots in when they could, but they overcome VK's momentum.

VK moved fast and shot often, earning them a win with a score of 54-32

Jr. Vikes U13 vs Junior OC U13

The Junior OC hit the ground running for day 2 of the tournament.

The Jr. Vikes were slow to start, but they made a strong effort to keep up, and they didn't make the match easy for their opponent.

OC's #3, Moriah Jansen was a notable high scorer, putting 20 points on the board for her team.

OC took the win with a final score of 41-32.

Reign Basketball vs Triple Threat

Starting the day off with a close game, Reign Basketball and Triple Threat gave it their all out on the court.

Reign Basketball made some strong plays in the latter half of the game, but their bold strategies weren't enough to overcome Triple Threat's initial lead.

Triple Threat took the win with a score of 47-40.

11:15am games

VK Basketball U17 Black vs Jr Heat

VK Black started sinking baskets early on in the match and they refused to stop.

Jr. Heat made a valiant effort to catch up in the later part of the first half, but the second half saw VK cementing their lead with some strong offensive plays.

The game ended with a VK victory at 71-41

LSA Blue vs FYBA Basketball

LSA Blue made a lot of pushes into FYBA's court, but FYBA's defence stopped them from landing a lot of their shots.

FYBA took the lead early in the first half and they ran with it for the whole game.

The final score was 62-32 for FYBA.

VK Basketball U12 vs VK Basketball U13 Black

VK Black set themselves apart from the VK U12 team during this devastating match-up.

VK Black was up 17 points before the VK U12 managed to get any points on the board.

VK Black dominated the court, earning them a win with a score of 55-15

Jabogs vs Kamloops Stormers

The early half of the match was anybody's game, with Jabogs and the Kamloops Stormers trading points back and forth.

The end of the first half saw Jabogs in the lead at 20-12, and they maintained that lead in the second half, despite a strong showing from the Stormers.

Jabogs took the win with a score of 45-30.

12:30pm games

Reign Basketball vs VK Basketball U15

Reign started off the match on equal footing with VK as the managed to hold a small lead for a short time.

A change in strategy paid off for VK, who saw great success from making bold offensive plays throughout the match.

VK pulled in another win with a score of 67-29.

Triple Threat Black vs Vancouver United U16/17

Triple Threat and Vancouver United were closely matched in skill.

Triple Threat took an early lead, and it looked like it might be a landslide victory, but Vancouver United fought hard and managed to tighten the score gap quite a bit.

The win went to Triple Threat with a score of 60-50.

VK Basketball U14 Black vs Delta Force Athletics U14

VK Black struck hard and fast against Delta, and they kept that energy up for the entire match.

Delta struggled to keep up, but they stepped up their game in the last half and managed to pull off a few points before all was said and done.

VK claimed victory with a score of 61-35.

VK Basketball U17 Red vs Jr Vikes (Vikes Nation) U17 #1

VK Red didn't pull any punches against Jr. Vikes. The Vikes were the first on the board with a successful foul throw, but VK quickly turned that around, dominating the court for the rest of the match.

VK won the match handily with a score of 62-24.

3:30pm games

Sask Girls Provincial Teams U17 vs Rock Elite

The Saskatchewan Provincial team took on the role of paper in their match against Rock Elite.

The end of the first half had Rock Elite at only 5 points behind, and though their offence improved in the second half, their defence couldn't keep Saskatchewan out of their basket.

Saskatchewan won the match with a score of 65-49.

Saskatoon Supernovas vs Vancouver United U14

Saskatoon and Vancouver played a close match from start to finish.

United took the lead in the later part of the first half at 20-13 and the difference in points would remain roughly the same for the rest of the match with each team making some strong moves in the second half.

Vancouver United stood strong and earned a win with a final score of 48-40.

Strathcona U13 vs CBA U13

CBA played an incredible game against Strathcona, only letting their opponents sink one basket in the first half of the match.

Strathcona managed better in the second half. but it was nowhere near enough to topple CBA.

It was a decisive victory for CBA with a score of 60-14.

VK Basketball U14 Red vs Edmonton Grads

Edmonton Grads scored the first three goals in their match against VK Red and used that early lead to secure victory.

The teams went back and forth across the court, scoring, stealing, and shooting every which way, but the Grads managed to maintain the lead they established at the start of the match.

Grads got a win with a score of 49-35.

4:45pm games

LSA Blue vs B3 Elite U15

It was a comeback cut short for LSA Blue, who's stellar play in the second half against B3 Elite almost compensated for their slow start.

B3 Elite just beat out LSA Blue with a winning score of 49-45.

Edmonton Grads vs UBCO

UBCO put up a good fight in their match against the Edmonton Grads, but it wasn't enough to secure a win.

The two teams were fairly evenly matched for a large portion of the match, but the Grads managed to get ahead by staying on the offensive as much as possible.

The final score was 65-51 for the Grads.

Junior OC U13 vs BC Blazers

Junior OC put up the first points of the match but that only seemed to inspire the BC Blazers to play as hard as they could.

The Blazers took full control of the court for the majority of the match and secured victory with a final score of 76-16.

Edmonton Grads vs Jr Vikes U17 #2

Jr. Vikes established a lead early on in the match and the Edmonton Grads couldn't quite catch up to them.

The match ended as a Jr. Vikes victory with a score of 44-32.

Jr. Vikes (Vikes Nation) U14 vs MacHoops

MacHoops found themselves quickly overwhelmed by the Jr. Vikes, who put their all into the match from the moment it started.

The first half was a near-shutout with Jr Vikes leading 38-4.

Jr. Vikes continued to dominate the second half, only letting a few baskets sneak past them, and they won the game 54-16.

6:00pm games

Vancouver United U16/17 vs Jabogs

Jabogs took a 4 point lead on Vancouver United thanks to four successful foul throws before United managed to get some points on the board.

Jabogs pressed their starting advantage and stayed ahead of Untied for the duration of the match, resulting in a win with a final score of 51-33.

LSA Red vs Jr. Heat

LSA Red and the Jr. Heat were neck and neck for the early part of the game.

Scores were traded back and forth until Jr. Heat scored some key goals that helped them push ahead.

The match was close, but Jr. Heat won out in the end with a final score of 64-54.

VK Basketball U12 vs Jr. VIkes (Vikes Nation) U13

Coming down to a difference of two points, the VK and Jr. Vikes match was full of tension.

VK started the second half five points behind and managed to take the lead for a bit.

The Vikes were quick to tie up the match near the end and eventually pull ahead with a two-pointer and a successful foul throw to top it off.

Vikes got a well-deserved win with a finial score of 46-44.

Delta Force Athletics U14 vs Rise U15

Rise stayed true to their name as they finished this round on top of their competition.

The early half of the game saw a lot of back and forth between Delta Force and Rise, but Delta Force was losing more ground than it was gaining throughout.

Rise claimed victory with a final score of 48-28.

Cascades vs OC

OC couldn't contain the Cascades, who ran rampant over the court during their match.

Cascades pulled ahead fast and early and gave the OC little opportunity to catch up.

The win went to the Cascades with a final score of 73-26

7:15pm games

Excel U13 vs CBA U13

CBA has another notch in their belt after taking down Excel in their final match of the day.

The lead went to CBA early on, and although Excel lagged behind at the start, they made a strong effort to turn things around

Ultimately, CBA took the match with a score of 52-41.

Capilano University Blues vs Edmonton Grads

Competition was fierce between the Blues and the Grad

Neither team managed a substantial lead at any point in the match, and with the score changing so frequently, it was impossible to guess at a winner until the very end of the match.

The Blues fell behind a little in the second half, but they closed the gap significantly in the final minutes.

Grads scraped out a victory with a final score of 66-63.

VK Basketball U17 Black vs Edmonton Grads

VK Black put out some of their best work in their last match of the day.

The Grads struggled to gain any traction against VK Black who brought in an impressive win with a score of 73-23.

BC Blazers vs VK Basketball U13 Black

VK Black claimed a victory against the BC Blazers, but the Blazers didn't give it up easily.

The match went into overtime where it ended in VK's favour with a score of 52-46.

8:30pm games

Reign Basketball vs Vancouver United U16/17

Vancouver United couldn't adjust to the Reign and they suffered for it.

Reign pulled ahead early on and stay on top for the whole match, finishing with a score of 59-32.

Jr Vikes (Vikes Nation) U17 #1 vs Rock Elite

Jr. Vikes and Rocket Elite played a close amtch from start to finish.

The teams ended the first half at a tie with 20 points each and the start of the second half saw them keeping very close to one another.

The Vikes managed to pull ahead in later part of the second half and won with a final score of 57-49

Capilano Univers