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Bballnationals Girls Division Day 1

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

12:00pm games

VK Basketball U14 Black vs Vancouver United U14

The VK U14 Black team is starting off the tournament strong, scoring 67 points against Vancouver United, who scored 21 points.

VK's offensive strategies overwhelmed Vancouver United, who had trouble keeping the ball out of their half of the court.

VK Basketball U14 Red vs Jr. Vikes U14

The Jr Vikes U14 and VK Basketball U14 Red proved to be an even match for one another.

The two teams were neck-and-neck, trading points right up until the end, where the Jr. Vikes pulled ahead to win the match 50-46.

Excel U13 vs Strathcona U13

The Excel U13 team proved their name wasn't just for show as they dominated their first round competition.

Excel took the lead from Strathcona U13 early on, and maintained it for the entire match, ending with a score of 57-18

VK Basketball U17 Black vs LSA Red

The first half of the match between VK basketball U17 Black and the LSA Red. was a close back-and forth, but VK pulled ahead in the second half.

The final score stood at 75-51 in VK's favours, after a hard fought match from both teams.

1:15pm games

Edmonton Grads vs MacHoops

The Edmonton Grads took MacHoops head on in their first round match up.

The Grads were put up a strong offensive front, which allowed them to take the match with a score of 53-21.

Kamloops Stormers vs VK Basketball U15

It's going to take more than a storm to stop the VK Basketball U15 team. Vk took an early lead against the Kamloops Stormers and they kept it for the whole match.

The round went to VK with a score of 51-19.

Delta Force Athletics U14 vs Saskatoon Supernovas

Delta Force Athletics U14 nearly doubled the score of their competitor, the Saskatoon Supernovas in the first round.

The ball saw a lot of play on both sides of the court, but Delta Force held stronger on defence and offence.

The final score was 29 - 17 for Delta Force.

VK Basketball U12 vs BC Blazers

The VK Basketball U12 team started strong by scoring early in the match, but the BC Blazers turned up the heat and quickly turned things around.

The BC Blazers Fired shot after shot and earned a victory in their first round match-up with a score of 65-24.

Jr. Vikes U17 #1 vs Sask Girls Provincial Teams U17

The Saskatchewn U17 team has proven their mettle as national competition with a victory in their first round match-up against the Jr.Vikes U17 #1 team.

Saskatchewan took the lead early on and they kept it for the whole game.

The final score was 55 - 18 for Saskatchewan.

2:30pm games

FYBA Basketball vs B3 Elite U15

FYBA Basketball hit the ground running in their match against B3 Elite U15.

The first half saw FYBA scored the first two baskets, and then points went back and forth as Elite stepped up their offense.

Elite couldn't maintain their pace, and FYBA took the match 57-28 in the end.

Triple Threat Black vs Jabogs

Triple Threat Black took the lead early on, but that didn't stop Jabogs from giving their all in the second half. The first half saw Triple Threat ahead 291-9, but Jabogs closed the gap significantly in the second half. A Jabogs comeback was not in the cards, however, as the match ended with a Triple Threat victory of 45-38

Excel U13 vs VK Basketball U13 Red

Another excellent game for Excel, who took the win against VK Basketball Red 51-25.

VK played stronger in their second half, but it wasn't enough to break Excel's lead.

VK Basketball U17 Red vs Rock Elite

VK Basketball Red pushed hard against the Rock Elite, sinking baskets consistently throughout the match.

Rock Elite's #50 Alysss Jenkins put 18 points on the board for Rock Elite throughout the match, but it wasn't enough to topple VK.

VK won out in the end with a score of 73-42

VK Basketball U14 Black vs Rise

VK Basketball U14 Black proved to be both an immovable object and an unstoppable force on the court.

VK struck hard and fast, gaining the first point and shutting down shot after shot from Rise.

The match ended in Vk's favour with a score of 55-22

3:45pm games

Jr Vikes U13 vs BC Blazers

The Jr. Vikes got burned in their match against the BC Blazers.

The Blazers burned a path through the Vikes defence and their consistent shooting earned them a leading score early on in the match.

The end result was a victory for the BC Blazers with a score of 54-22.

Jr. Heat vs Jr. Vikes U17 #2

The Jr. Heat proved to be too much for the Jr. Vikes, as the Heat started off the match with a hot three-pointer.

The win went to the Jr. Heat with a score of 47-13.

Jr. Vikes U14 vs Edmonton Grads

The Jr Vikes and Edmonton Grads pushed each other to their limits during their game.

The Vikes took an early lead, and managed to maintain it throughout the match, but the Grads were hot on their heels, constantly working to close the gap between them.

The Grads got themselves to just 2 points behind before the Vikes managed to sink several more baskets and take the win at 53-42.