Bballnationals Day 3: Round 1 and Playoffs

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

9:00am Games

Jabogs vs Edmonton Grads

It’s always humbling to watch two teams play with devotion and heart--and that’s exactly what the Jabogs and Grads did this morning.

The first half teetered in Jabogs’ favour with the team leading 16-12.

In the final 16, the Grads made a run for points and took the lead slightly after a 8-0 run. With both teams clawing on defense, points were hard to come by until the final five minutes of play.

Jabog kicked it up a notch and took the lead just in time to claim their first win of the day with a final score of 53-41.

Coach Elvis Balic had this to say about the comeback:

“We started attacking, forcing them to foul a little bit and started making some shots. We stayed under control when they started pressing us in the second half, and it was good. Nice little early win.”

Winnipeg Wolves vs VK Gardner

VK Gardner hit the board early with points and took a dominant lead over the Winnipeg Wolves for the duration of the first half. They led 42-8 heading into the second.

The second half saw the Gardner squad climb in points, leading by a steady 50 points + for the duration of the game. VK won their first game of Day 3 with a final score of 78-22 over the Wolves.

Coach Danie Gardner was happy with the dominant win, but has her sights on their final game of the day against Jabogs at 1pm.

VK Carkner vs Stormers U15

VK Carkner came out strong in the first half, keeping at least a 5-point lead between their opponents, the Stormers U15.

Despite the Stormers persistence on defense, VK showed off their ball movement skills early on. They went on a 14-0 run and led 38-12 at the end of the first half.

Consistency is key and VK is living proof. The girls continued to play well on D, move the ball well, and find the hoop on most possessions. In the end, VK Carkner defeated the Stormers U15 74-28.

VK’s # 20 Hannah Rao was named Player of the Game, an exciting feat considering it’s her birthday today, too.

“It feels amazing to know that I was playing well. We did a great job passing between players.”

Rao played a vital role in ball movement for her team to kick off Day 3 of the tournament.

LSA U15 vs VK U15

VK blazed out to a 35-18 first half lead. In the second half though, both teams were very close, with LSA putting down the clamps defensively and getting some nice stops. It wasn’t enough to turn the tide however, and the final score was 67-28.

“I think we did a really good job of moving the ball around on offence and taking good shots” said Nadeen Wu of VK. “That set up some good shots.”

Grace Elliot had 21 points for VK.

Edmonton Grads vs Split Second U15

The Suns couldn’t erase a 20 point halftime lead, as they fell to Split Second 44-23. A 12-2 run for Split Second effectively iced this one in the first half.

“A 20 point victory, can’t help but feel good about that” said Split Second’s Makenna Rutledge.

Alexa Kusel had 11 points for Split Second.

Stormhawks vs BC 250 U14

It was 37-13 250 at halftime and it just ballooned from there. 250 played a style of stifling defence that the Stormhawks didn’t have an answer for. The final score was 57-23 for BC 250.

Stella LaGrange and Lily Lee both had 11 points for 250.

10:20am Games

StormHawks vs VK Basketball U16

Not sure what the VK girls had for breakfast, but whatever it was completely fired them up this morning! They began the first half with an astonishing 19-0 before the StormHawks could drop a bucket. Pair that with impeccable defense and VK Basketball U16 led 39-3 after the first half.

After a grueling second half for the StormHawks, who only put up 4 points, the game came to a close with VK absolutely killing it.

The final score: 73-7.

Player of the Game Ayden Kristmanson says she’s hopeful her squad will be in the finals, possibly against the VK U17 group.

“It’d be really fun to compete against them,” she said. “We’re all family, so it’s kind of hard to play against your own family obviously. And it would be the last game we play together.”

Both VK U16 and the StormHawks play again today at 2:20pm.

Edmonton Grads vs SWOOSH

The Edmonton Grads took on SWOOSH for their first game of the day, which saw both teams lay it all out on the court in hopes of taking the W.

Edmonton played with just a bit more grit in the opening half, leading 37-22.

Much of the rest of the game saw defensive play and great ball movement from both sides of the court, but the Grads gave it just a bit more to take the win 69-40.

Both teams play again at 2:20pm.

Calgary Warriors vs Jr Heat

Both these teams had a jump in their step this morning as they played a tight first half with Jr Heat ahead 34-22.

The Heat lit up the court in the second and completely owned the ball, defeating the Calgary Warriors by a whopping 78-31.

Thanks to a dominant defensive presence paired with sniper 3s (4 on the half), the Jr Heat are well-deserving of the huge victory.

Jr Heat plays again at 2:20; the Calgary Warriors have completed their round robin games for the tournament.


VK continues to roll at bballnationals, defeating SVIBA 80-33. A 24-4 run in the first half set them up for another win and good positioning heading into knockout play.

“I think it was good” said VK’s Nikki Cabuco on her team’s performance. “We moved the ball around really well and learned a new zone play, so we’re doing that really well.”

Jessica Wisotski had 25 point, while Grace Killens had three trey’s.

Manitoba Magic vs Calgary Storm

It was close early, as the Storm held just a five point lead. The Storm then went on a slow 9-0 run that took up a good chunk of the game clock the rest of the opening frame. In the second half the Magic made a push, using their size advantage to push their way inside the point.

This one came down to the wire. A single point game with 3 minutes to go, a brilliant diving effort by 1 of the Storm gave them the lead. The Magic’s full court press gave them good time on offence, but couldn’t hit the crucial shot. The Storm went to the line and ran out the clock, as the game finished 48-37.

“It was very tough in the beginning” said Calgary’s Sirache Ubaldo. “We weren’t doing the things we were suppose to, messing up on the little things and panicking under pressure. We pulled through when we finally calmed down.”

Ubaldo had 15 points for the Storm, while Anna Pyne had 19 for the Manitoba Magic.


CBA came to play in this one, defeating SWOOSH 59-27. It was 40-13 after halftime, and both teams let their foot off the gas a bit in the second half.

“I think we’re really excited” said CBA’s Kennedy Blaskin on the rest of the tournament.

“We’re doing a lot better than we did last year and we’re really excited to give it all we go.

Maggie Smith had 14 points for CBA.

11:40am Games

BC 250 vs VK U12

Following in the footsteps of the older VK gals, the VK U12s showed us their skills early on against the Jr Coyotes. It was like a scene straight out of Looney Tunes--with VK as Road Runner, always two steps ahead of Wile E. Coyote aka the Jr Coyotes.

With speed and precision, the mini VKs doubled up on points halfway through the first, keeping a solid 7-point lead. As they continued to pass well in transition, VK stayed ahead 20-13 heading into the second.

The next half intensified slightly, given the Jr Coyotes kept grinding to keep ball possession. It seemed to work temporarily, but VK’s lead was too much to catch up to. Just like the cartoon Road Runner, VK outran the Coyotes and left them in the dust with a final score of 40-31.

Grace Bradshaw was all smiles after the game. She was named Player of the Game, but gives the team credit for the crucial win.

“I think we were calmer today,” she said. “We weren’t frantic and we got crucial steals.”

Bradshaw contributed well defensively while VK’s Avery Sussex put up 13 points for the team.

Edmonton Suns vs Big Country Basketball

Big Country Basketball had only one goal in mind this game: to defuse the Edmonton Suns. In the first half alone, they ran the ball well and locked it down on D, allowing for a 35-12 lead.

In the second half, both teams played a very defensive strategy, holding each other to just a handful of points after the first 5 minutes of play.

Big Country continued to pressure the Suns by holding them to just 12 points again in the second, while keeping a steady 30-point + lead to finish the game. BCB defeated Edmonton 61-24.

Every single player scored at least one point for Big Country Basketball, highlighting the team’s strength in ball movement.

ASB vs Vic-City Swish

In one of the closer matchups of the day, ASB and Vic-City Swish both had promising plays that showcased their ball movement and defensive skills. However, the girls from Victoria kept the lead at the end of the half 21-18.

What looked to be a tight game in the remaining 16 minutes ended up being a prolific performance by Vic-City. ASB was held to just 10 points, whereas the Swish splashed in another 23. The final score being 44-28.

Vic’s # 4 Joaleah Tupas-Singh earned herself POG honours and says she thinks her team worked well together and communicated better at the end of the game. Tupas-Singh has high hopes for her squad in the playoffs.

“We get to stay another day maybe!,” she said. “And we get to [hopefully] meet VK in the finals.”

Open - Capilano vs UFV

The first knockout games of bballnationals saw UFV beat Capilano in Open Division play. Capilano just could not seem to get their distance shooting going, while UFV used their clear advantage inside to rack up the points.

Open - Edmonton Grads vs Big Country

This was a game that was worthy of the NBA finals.

The Grads were down by 11 early in the second half, but a 19-6 run for the team from Edmonton tied the game up at 42. Both teams traded buckets, and it took a last gasp three from the Grads to tie it at 45. But the drama wasn’t done there. Big Country had a chance to win it with the last shot of the game, but couldn’t make the layup. We were off to Overtime.

In the extra frame, the Grads “fed their bigs and they did the dirty work” according to Edmonton’s Lily Burke-Stasiuk. The Grads eventually took this one 56-54.

“We started pretty well” said Burke-Stasiuk afterwards. “We started the second half though pretty rough, down by like 15.”

The Grads move on to play the Burnaby Ballers.

1:00pm Games

Stormers U15 vs Winnipeg Wolves

With nothing but gold on the radar, both the Stormers U15 and Winnipeg Wolves battled hard in the opening half to stay on top. Though the beginning of the half proved to be a close game with only one point separating the two teams, the Stormers went on a scoring rampage with just under three minutes to go.

After the first half, Stormers were up 37-20 over Winnipeg.

The next half boasted an offensively sound style of play, with each team straight racking up points. With a tremendous effort by the Wolves (scoring 26 points in the second), the Stormers took the W.

Final score: 63-46.

VK Gardner vs Jabogs

With Jabogs and VK both coming off a big win this morning, the pressure to continue their streak on Day 3 was felt on both sides of the court.

VK Gardner put up the first points, but Jabogs bounced back to trail their opponent by just 3 points with one minute of play left. Despite a good push at the end, VK led 28-27 going into the second.

Though Gardner’s girls scored first again this half, Jabogs was relentless in the paint and splashed in a beauty trey to tie up the game early on. But VK consistently found the hoop on each possession, locking down their lead by at least 5 points for much of the second. Jabogs hit two vital 3s to keep the game interesting; however, VK continued to hit their buckets. With just under four minutes remaining, Jabogs trailed by 13 points.

Those Jabogs never threw in the towel, even when things looked bleak. After a tiring second half and impressive effort from both teams, VK Gardner was victorious with a final score of 69-48.

Edmonton Grads vs SVIBA

The Grads opened up the scoring with a short but sweet 4-0 run, but SVIBA clapped back with 4 of their own to tie the game early in the first. Both teams crushed it on D, holding the score to 4 all for the next few minutes of play.

After a slight run to close off the half, the Grads led 20-13 over SVIBA.

SVIBA hit the board with a foul point to start the second; Edmonton went for a tiny run in points, going up another 5. The Grads owned the ball and found the hoop consistently, solidifying their lead and eventually giving them the win.

Final score: 43-29 for the Edmonton Grads over SVIBA.

Grads’ # 20 Piper D. was named Player of the Game. She had this to say following the momentous win:

“This [win] is super important. This is kind of a do-or-die situation; if we hadn’t come together as a team and worked together, we wouldn’t have pulled off this win.”

BC 250 U14 vs Edmonton Suns

250 scored the first points of the game and left Edmonton in their rear-view mirror, taking this one . It’s another win for 250 in the U15 division, and they appear to be in good shape heading into knockout play.

“We’re excited to play our own age VK” said 250’s Kennedy Day. “Since we lost against the U15 team, we’re excited to play our own age and hopefully compete better.”

Lily Lee had nine points for 250, while Myriam Kone had 15 for the Suns.

Split Second vs LSA

Two teams with lots to play for squared off with Split Second taking on LSA. After LSA took a nine point halftime lead, they blew it open even further with great teamwork on the offensive side of the court. The final score: 44-28 for LSA.

VK U15 vs Big Country

VK raced out to a 12-2 lead and eventually won 64-37. VK pushed the pace the entire game, with stretch passes and a high tempo offence that Big Country simply couldn’t match.

“It went well” said Sophia Wisotski when asked about her team’s performance. “We shared the ball, finished our layups, and looked for the posts well.”

Marissa Rode had 13 points for VK in the victory.

2:20pm Games

Jr Heat vs Edmonton Grads

With both teams looking to improve in the rankings before entering playoffs, both Jr Heat and the Grads were gunning for a big win in this game.

It started off as a close game, with Edmonton slightly taking the lead early on. Jr Heat pressured the Grads and took a 22-17 lead after the first half.

The second was a bit of a gongshow, with more points hitting the scoreboard on each side of the court. The Grads seemed to let the pressure break them down, since one of their players got ejected from the game after pushing a Jr Heat girl. It went downhill for the Grads from there as they could not come back on top.

Jr Heat made a miraculous comeback to defeat Edmonton by a final score of 54-38.

Coach Bobby Mitchell had this to say after the huge victory:

“I think it was important for us. We wanted to come out and get to this game tonight so we wanted to commit to our style of basketball, and they made it tough for us. It was good to push us and challenge us, which I think was great for our mental toughness.”

SWOOSH vs StormHawks

Both of these teams had yet to win so far at bballnationals, but that was about to change for SWOOSH or the StormHawks.

It was an exciting matchup between the two, despite the outcomes of their previous games, since each team could finally showcase their own talents on the court. SWOOSH did exactly like their name would suggest and ‘swoosh’ed bucket after bucket to defeat the StormHawks and claim their first W of the tourney.

The final score: 52-29.

VK U16 vs Triple Threat Orange

Like clockwork, the VK U16 squad hit the boards first with an easy layup to start the game. Triple Threat clapped right back with a beautiful field goal to tie it up; although, VK went on a 11-0 run to give them a prominent lead.

Despite Triple Threat’s hustle, VK dominated the first with nearly a 30-point lead. They were up 38-10 heading into the final half.

The second proved to be a defensive battle, with under 10 points total allowed in the first five minutes of play. VK went on a shooting spree with a 16-0 run; they held Triple Threat to just 5 points in the final 16 minutes. With a final score of 61-15, VK U16 is undefeated so far at bballnationals.

It’s looking as though the team will duke it out against the VK U17 girls. Player of the Game Alanya Davignon had this to say about the potential matchup:

“We’re just going to have to run a lot, push up the floor, and stay quick with the defense because they have a lot of shooters, and just try our best.”

CBA U16 vs Manitoba Magic

CBA’s offence was clicking on all cylinders, as they scored 45 points in the first half and won this game 75-22. For CBA, it was a solid final game before a push for the title begins in earnest.

“I’m excited to place in the best place that we can” said CBA’s Maddie Stata heading into knockout play. “Knock[ing] out whoever we play against is our main goal.”

Calgary Storm vs SVIBA

After a back and forth first half, it came right down to the wire — SVIBA led by just a single point with just over two minutes to go. The team from the Island got some great stops on the defensive end and eventually won, 53-49.

Maggie Fehr had 16 points for SVIBA, while Sirache Ubaldo had a game high 22 points for the Calgary Storm.

VK U17 vs Triple Threat

Two great teams were facing off in this one. Both teams traded deeps threes early on, and for the first time this tournament VK U17 didn’t look like it would score every possession. However, they went on a 14 run and led by 20 at the half. The second half saw VK extend their lead, as Triple Threat couldn’t keep up with their seven second or less offence.

“I think we just started going faster” said VK’s Emily Instant on what changed for her team early on. “ We started it taking it more to the hoop.”

Jessica Wisotski had 19 points for VK, and Gigi Gasper had 13 for Triple Threat.

4:00pm Games

Vic-City Swish vs Edmonton Suns

Vic-City Swish had one of their most dominant performances of the tournament, scoring 39 points in the first half against the Edmonton Suns. They went on to add another astounding 31 points in the next half, defeating the Suns 71-14.

Though Edmonton was unable to claim a win throughout bballnationals, they played with heart and composure up right up until the clock ran out.

Congrats to Vic-City Swish on the huge win!

Big Country vs BC 250

With Big Country and BC 250 hoping to snag another win before playoffs, this game had a few ups and downs on both ends of the court. Big Country opened up the scoring and proved early on they would be a tough giant to take down. After the first half, they led 35-8 over BC 250.

In the second, BC 250 put up 15 points which sadly wasn’t enough for them to beat Big Country. BCB claimed their fifth win of the tournament with a final score of 49-23.

VK U12 vs VK U13

In yet another VK² battle, the mini VKs (U12s) were all set to take on the U13s--who are currently undefeated in their division--for the last round robin of the day.

The U13s were the first to put up points with a quick layup followed by an 10-0 run. Both teams communicated and moved the ball well, two staple skills of any VK club team. With playoffs just around the corner, these girls were clawing for a win with steady defense and clutch FGs.

VK U12 finally put up 6 points of their own and only allowed 2 points initially. Unfortunately for the U12s, the U13s were apple-juiced up and ready to rock this game. They passed the ball with ease and held a dominant lead of 28-15 after the first half.

Mini VKs went for a nice little 3-0 run, which seemed to wake up the beast within the U13s. With a whole lot of heads looking left then right, both VK squads were in it to win it, as the U12s fought relentlessly on D and kept it locked in their own zone for much of opening minutes. After falling behind on the scoreboard, the minis continued to box out their opponent.

In the end, it just wasn’t enough. VK U13 finish Day 3 of the tournament with a perfect record overall; the final score being 57-36 over VK U12.

Coach May Smith had this to say about playing one of their own:

“It’s always fun; we’re here to build relationships. The experience that VK gives to all of us, it’s just fun to have both teams on the court at the same time.”

Open - Capilano vs Big Country

After a tough overtime loss, Big Country played great and bounced back with a 49-44 loss. Both teams end their tournament after this game, and both teams were welcome additions to bballnationals.

Open - Vancouver Fusion vs Edmonton Grads

The Fusion took care of business, beating the Edmonton Grads 79-23. They will play in the Open Final tomorrow at 10:40 am.

Open - UFV vs Burnaby Ballers

In a great game to watch, UFV and the Ballers traded chances in the first half. In the second, the Ballers made some timely shots and rebounded well late in the game. Ballers won.


U15 Comp 1 - VK Gardner vs BC 250

VK got out to a quick 10-2 lead and led by 30 at half. BC 250 was no match for VK’s high tempo style and fast break offence, as the game ended 69-35.

Ratcliffe had 19 points for VK.

U15 Comp 2 - LSA Red vs JABOG

LSA and JABOG played a tight, back and forth game to start. 15 JABOG drove baseline and finished the and 1 play, and 41 LSA spun past her defender in the post, finishing an easy bucket. She also drew a big charge midway through the first half, while JABOG struggled to set screens on offence. LSA started to pull away at the end of the half, leading 20-13.

The second half saw both teams trade chances once again. At that point, JABOG switched to a full court press which caused LSA some trouble. This strategy got them to within two points but it’s unfortunately as close as they would come. Final score: 44-38 for LSA.

“We worked hard and really hustled out there” said LFA’s Stefanie Robb when asked about her team’s performance.

Kelsey Lanon had 10 points for LSA.

U15 Inter 1 - Edmonton Grads U15 vs Split Second U15

This one was a tie game with four and half to go on the clock. The Grads then got seven straight points courtesy of some timely shooting, and boxed out well on the defence to pull out a win from seemingly out of thin air. The Grads took this one 51-43 and move on to the next round.

“It was a very game for us to play, especially because our last couple of games have been pretty tough” said the Grads Charlee Trudgeon. “Our defence pulled through this game and we ended up making more shots thankfully this game.”

Trudgeon had 4 points in her team’s win.

U15 Inter 2 - Edmonton Suns vs Stormers U15

In this do-or die matchup, both teams gave it every ounce of grit they had for a chance to advance to the next round of playoffs. The Edmonton Suns put up the first points, quickly followed by a 7-0 run by their opponent, the Stormers U15.

After the first half, it was evident that each squad yearned for the win. The Stormers led by just 4 points heading into the second with a score of 37-34.

The second half intensified with impeccable defensive plays early on by the Stormers, holding the Suns to minimal points. However, Edmonton was not ready to back down just yet. # 10 Myriam K. hit a beauty 3, which also put her at the foul line after the Stormers interfered, and gave her another one at the line. That 4 point play brought the deficit to within only 6 points with less than 3 points to go in the game.

Despite the near comeback from the Suns, the Stormers kept the lead and won the game with a final score of 65-63. They advance to the U15 Intermediate Finals and will take on the Edmonton Grads at 12:00 pm on Monday, August 6th at the Central Court.

6:40pm Games

U17 Comp 1 - Jr Heat vs Triple Threat Black

A tight beginning eventually led to a big Jr Heat run, and that helped them to a 62-40 victory over Triple Threat Black. The Heat raced out to a 22-8 lead and didn’t take their foot off the gas.

“Feels good” said Jr Heat’s Katrina Fink on moving on to the next round. “Sometimes you don’t get second chances but it’s awesome that we get to face VK again and hopefully get some revenge.”

Jaeli Ibbetson had 15 points for the Jr Heat.

U17 Comp 2 - CBA vs Grads

This one was a high scoring affair, with both teams combining for 68 points. The highlight of the first half was a beautiful three on two passing play that CBA that left the Grads spinning in circles — or maybe it was the two corner three’s by 4, they were both so good.

In the second, the Grads gave up too many good chances to make up any ground considering the hole they were in. CBA exploited the fact that the Grads had to go for it by punishing them on the fast break. CBA took this one 51-43 and moves on to the final.

“It was a three game day, a long day” said CBA’s Katie Wuotila “but I think positivity was huge. Just battling and staying true to what we do, because they were strong and big.”

U17 Inter 1 - Calgary Warriors vs Calgary Storm

This cross-town battle went exactly as one would expect — close and hotly contested. Just one point separated the two teams at the halfway mark of the second half. Maya Sinclair hit a clutch corner three to give the Storm a two point lead, and seemed to give her team all the momentum. But a missed free throw from the Warriors turned out to be advantageous, as a Warrior cleaned up the rebound for an easy two points.

The final two minutes were a nail biter. Sirache Ubaldo with a great drive to the hoop for two, and after a timeout she nailed a three. That was enough to see out the 39-35 victory and move them on to the next round.

“We just came together at the end and stopped losing our minds” said the Storm’s Maya Sinclair afterwards. “We held our composure and really pulled together to play defence and just take care of the ball.”

U17 Inter 2 - 5th vs 4th

SWOOSH were first to hit the scoreboard after finding a spot on the foul line. Shortly after, the Manitoba Magic came right back with some points of their own. The opening half proved to be a tight game, as each team was fighting for a chance to compete in the U17 Intermediate Finals.

The next half was LIT. So much excitement on not only the court, but also the bench and in the stands as fans were getting rowdy, too. Within the first few minutes, the Manitoba Magic played with so much heart, it was felt all over the gym. They went from trailing SWOOSH to taking a five-point lead with just under 9 minutes remaining in the game.

With so much on the line, Manitoba Magic worked hard to keep their lead. SWOOSH hammered on defense and came within just 1 point of their opponent with under two minutes remaining. The score was 45-44 for Manitoba.

After grabbing another point at the foul line, the Magic held a 2-point lead and were unable to find the hoop on their next possession, giving SWOOSH another shot to equalize before the end of the game. An injury interrupted the last 30 seconds of play, sending one of the Magic’s players to the bench. They grabbed another after a foul, making it nearly impossible for SWOOSH to tie it up with only 4 seconds remaining.

Sadly, after an intense game, SWOOSH could not come back. The Manitoba Magic defeated them with a final score of 47-44 and will advance U17 Intermediate Finals.

Player of the game Catherine Marquez had this to say about the epic victory:

“It feels exciting. I mean, we definitely worked our way from taking a few losses and regrouping, and fixing our problems on defense and offense.”

Written by: Nick Bondi and Crystal Scuor

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