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Bballnationals Day 2: Round 2

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

1:45pm Games

ASB vs BC 250

ASB and the Jr. Coyotes (BC 250) both were set to battle it out at the North Court in a game that despite a shaky start for the Coyotes, would prove to be a close one throughout.

ASB hit the scoreboard early and D’d up the Coyotes impeccably in the first chunk of the half, going up 22-14 at their highest peak. However, the Jr. Coyotes showed us their teeth and brought the game to within just 6 points.

After the first 16 minutes, ASB led 24-18.

In what can only be described as an epic fight for the W, both teams fought extremely hard to be crowned victorious. While ASB came out strong in the first, the Jr. Coyotes dominated the second half and even took the lead near the end of the game.

ASB hit back harder, though. This nail-biting game came to end with ASB on top. The final score: 43-42.

# 4 Acacia Kubanay took Player of the Game honours for ASB for the second time in a row.

“I have to give it to my team,” she said. “We had amazing teamwork and we played our game.”

Kubanay had 9 points for her team.

Vic-City Swish vs VK Basketball U13

In their second matchup of the day, both Vic-City Swish and VK U13 were hoping to keep a perfect record on Day 2 of bballnationals.

VK came out strong in the first, taking a tremendous 36-16 lead before the last half of the game.

The VK girls continued to dominate on the court, putting up another 20 points in the second and eventually defeating Vic-City Swish 56-37.

Marina Radocaj scored a monstrous 18 points for VK, while Vic’s Ella Descoteau put up 13.

Big Country Basketball vs VK Basketball U12

The VK squad were the first to put up points, going on a 5-0 run before Big Country followed with a 4-0 run of their own.

At the midway point, VK us just what this program is all about by taking the ball to hoop and shutting it down on D, holding their Big Country to just 4 points to their 11. After a much-needed pep talk from Coach Pam, BCB went up another 2, to bring the deficit to within 4 points.

Both squads kicked up the tempo to put up points, but it was Big Country that woke up and took the lead with just two minutes remaining. Heading into the second, the teams were tied at 24 a piece.

The next half started off with a banger layup from Big Country, putting them in the lead for the second time in the game. They went on a 4-0 run before VK’s Louise Dykstra dropped in a splashy 3. Despite the efforts by the team, Big Country had their number and took a 13-point lead after going on a 11-0 run.

VK’s Avery Sussex broke the run by coming into the paint like a wrecking ball and finally connecting with the hoop. Unfortunately, she fouled out which seemed to teeter their momentum.

After a grueling game filled with endless foul calls, Big Country Basketball defeated VK by a final score of 49-40.

Big Country’s # 11 Lily Vrugteman took POG honours.

“It’s really exciting because there’s so many other great players and for me to be recognized as Player of the Game is really nice.”

Vrugteman put up 7 points for her squad.

Capilano vs Burnaby Ballers

Although it was close early, the Burnaby Ballers continued their roll in the Open Division, winning 78-31. Playing with only five players, the Ballers showed great chemistry and seemed to even out-run Capilano at certain points of the game.

Sienna Lenz had 29 points while Georgia Swant had 19.

Big Country Athletics vs Edmonton Grads

Two evenly matched teams faced each other in the Edmonton Grads and Big Country Athletics. No team got above a ten point lead at any points, but the Grads pulled out on top 66-60.

Aphia of the Grads had 21 points, and Boulanger of Big Country had 21 as well.

Vancouver Fusion vs UFV Open

In a close game early, the Vancouver Fusion took advantage of the inexperienced UFV 64-47. UFV actually had the lead in the beginning, but the Fusion showed why they might be a tough beat in the open division.

3:00pm Games

Stormhawkes vs LSA U15

Right of draw, LSA U15 came into this game with their eyes on a win. They started the game off throwing up bucket after bucket, racking up 39 points in the first half alone.

The second half saw pivotal defensive plays and continuous points on LSA’s end of the court where they were able to score another 27 points on the half, clearly winning both sets of the game.

At the 8-minute mark, they led 60-17 over the Stormhawkes, who despite the point deficit, never quit.

In the end, LSA U15 stomped their opponents 66-25.

Coach Brian Smith had this to say following the exciting win:

“When we were running and pushing the basketball in transition, we were able to score pretty easily just by moving the basketball and turning defense into offense.”

He went on to say that playing competition from all around the country has been a definite highlight for his team throughout bballnationals so far.

BC 250 U14 vs Big Country Basketball

With these two teams coming off a heartbreaking loss this morning, the girls on both sides of the court were looking to clutch up and snatch their first win of the day. Big Country hit the scoreboard first, but despite their efforts throughout the entirety of the game, they lost to BC 250 U14 43-36.

# 9 Stella LaGrange dropped an incredible 18 points for her team while Big Country’s # 31 had 17.

Split Second U15 vs VK Basketball U15

With Split Second U15 coming off a big win this morning and the VK U15s having a nice little sleep in, this game looked as though it would be a close one.

However; after the first half of the first half, it began to look like a blowout.

VK went on an insane 27-0 run before Split Second could sink a single point at the foul line. But with an easy layup to follow, the SS squad’s # 18 Alexa Kusel scored the first 5 points for her team in hopes of turning the game around. VK continued to dominate and ended the first half 44-9.

The second half started off as a very defensive battle, with each team feeling the pressure. With just 9 minutes remaining, VK still kept a solid lead over Split Second by a whopping 40 points.

At the two-minute warning, VK proved to be the dominant team with a killer defense and clutch shooters, leading by 52 points with no chance of redemption for Split Second.

VK Basketball U15 destroyed their opponent with a final score of 70-18

Gabbie Francis took home POG honours and had this to say following the huge win:

“It feels pretty good, it’s nice to know because there are a lot of really good players on my team. So it’s not given; we’re all Player of the Game.”

Francis sunk 15 points for VK.

VK Carkner vs Jabog

Another game, another victory for VK as they defeated Jabog in the U15 Division. VK put on the clamps early, racing out to a 22-4 lead. Although Jabog looked threatening at points, they weren’t able to put it together consistently enough to mount a challenge for the W.

“We had a good start to the [first half]” said VK’s Cerys Merton. “We worked as a team passing the ball and we had good motion. It affected the score, which is good.”

Emily Sussex had 14 points in her team’s victory. For Jabog, Franscine Basiga had nine.

Stormers U15 vs SVIBA

The Stormers defeated SVIBA in U15 action 49-38. Although an even matchup on paper, The Stormers raced out to a 14-4 lead early and left SVIBA in the rear view mirror from that point on — they never gave up the lead during the entire course of the game.

“We played with harder defence, we never stopped giving it our all” said the Stormer’s Jaydyn Overwater. “Our shots started to fall near the end, but this was the best game of the tournament.”

The Stormers Indigo Learie had 15 points to lead her team to victory. Makenna Gardus had 12 for SVIBA.