Bballnationals Day 2: Round 1

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

10:00am Games

Vancouver Fusion vs Capilano

Van Fusion led in the first, going on a 7-0 run. Capilano looked tired in comparison, but pushed for points to end off the half. With a stacked team of notable alumni, Fusion had the upper hand and was quick to the hoop with almost every possession. At the half, they led 38-13 over Capilano.

The rest of game continued to be a battle for Cap as Van hit five 3s and kept it real in the paint with easy layups.

Vancouver Fusion defeated Capilano with a final score of 76-39.

UFV Open vs Edmonton Grads

UFV Open were the first to put up points against the Edmonton Grads. With momentum on their side, they went for a 7-0 run before the Grads could drop in one of their own.

At the end of the first half, UFV led 33-18.

The Grads tried to make bit of a comeback in the second, sinking a couple vital 3s, but it just wouldn’t be enough to take down the might UFV gals.

UFV Open claimed their first win of Day 2 with a final score of 65-40 over the Edmonton Grads.

Burnaby Ballers vs Big Country Athletics

The Burnaby Ballers hit the scoreboard early and continued their moment with multiple possessions finding the hoop. Emma Kramer hit a midway 3 that seemed to solidify their hefty lead.Ballers led 43-23 at the end of the first half.

Burnaby opened up the scoring yet again in the next half and continued to pressure on D, as well as hit easy layups to help continue their point climb. In fact, they kept on keeping on! The Ballers made it real difficult for BCA with a hefty 36-point lead with just two minutes remaining.

And the point rampage did not stop there.

The Burnaby Ballers killed it with a final score of 82-43 with Sienna Lenz taking home POG honours.

VK Basketball U13 vs Big Country Basketball

VK came out with a fury, getting out a quick 15 point lead. However, Big country battled back to make it competitive late in the first half including a solid defensive stop which saw VK take a shot clock violation. However, VK showed why they are one of the favourites in the second half, using their superior ball movement to stun Big Country.

“We worked our hardest and we set lots of new plays” said Marina Radocaj of VK on how her team pulled out the victory. “We got of screens which let us gets lots of lay ups and shots up.”

Radoacaj had 14 points while Dacia Chin had 9 for Big Country.

BC 250 vs Vic-City Swish

Vic-City stormed out to a quick 8-0 lead, which ballooned into a 22-4 lead over 250. Their size advantage was apparent, as Vic was able to get easy points in the paint. There lead stretched to close to 50 in the second half, and the final score was 80-25.

“I think we worked really hard, we made some better passes than we normally would, and we talked more [on the court]” said Ella Descoteau on her team’s win.

Descoteau had 14 points, while her teammate Lauren Rust had 10. Both teams play again later today at 1:45.

Edmonton Suns vs ASB

This game was defined by its defensive battle. It was just 15-11 for the Edmonton Suns at half, with big stretches where it was hard to come by for points. The second half opened up a bit, and ASB was able to pull out the 40-33 victory.

“We had really good team work and we did our plays really well” said ASB’s Acacia Kubany. “Our passes need to be more sharp in the future.”

Kubany had 11 points while Erin Pagtakhan had 17 for the Suns.

11:15am Games

Big Country Basketball vs Split Second U15

Both teams came out with gold in their eyes hoping to take their first win on Day 2 at Bballnationals. Split Second opened up the scoring, but Big Country attacked right back to put up numbers on the board.

At the end of the first half, Big Country led 21-19.

The second half got super intense since both teams were neck-and-neck in points. Split Second kept their cool on D and were able to stop Big Country in the paint. Over on their end of the court, they made buckets look easy! At the 10-minute mark, Split Second took the lead by 9 points on their opponent, proving that they were in it to win it this half.

With relentless movement and calculated communication, Split Second continued to bring it back to their end, where they eventually splashed in a nice 3 that may have been crucial for the win against BCB.

But like in any game, nothing is ever certain. Big Country Basketball started to make an epic comeback with just under 3 minutes to go. At the two minute mark, # 43 hit a wet 3 to take her team to within just 4 points. With under a minute to go, Split Second U15 led 38-34.

It was all over when SS made a quick layup to almost guarantee the W. Though Big Country nearly made a beauty field goal buzzer bucket, it wasn’t enough.

Split Second U15 defeated Big Country Basketball with a final score of 40-34.