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An East Coast Battle in the U15 Semifinals

An east coast battle, in the U15 semi-final, ended in favour of New Brunswick, 56-48. In a fast-paced game between two evenly matched teams, the energy and effort made it feel like a final. 

MKMBA NXT Level basketball from Moncton ran an impressive full court press the entire game in an effort to hold Sudbury Jam in their own court. One of Sudbury’s highly skilled point guards, Jadyn Weltz, was able to lead the team in breaking the press, allowing them to set up their offence with little time run down on the shot clock.

Both teams anticipated the passing lanes, picking off passes from one another, which resulted in fast breaks and fouls on both ends of the court. NXT Level point guard, Brinly Holt, led the team’s offence, and was quick at intercepting passes and driving the ball down the floor. By the end of the second half both teams were in bonus, which ultimately solidified the win for NXT Level. 

Both teams had full rosters of consistent shooters. NXT Level’s Emily Holt led her team with 17 points, making all four of her free throws and sinking three, three-pointers. Celine Sterckel, NXT Level post, was strong under the net, fighting for rebounds and recovering loose balls. 

Sudbury had quick ball movement, and sharp passes, which resulted in open shots. Sudbury posts, Emelie Lafond and Claudia Pellerin, were dominant under the net. Lafond assisted the team with put backs of missed shots, while Pellerin drew fouls that sent her to the line. 

Both teams were well deserving of the national title, and fought equally hard to try and get their teams there. NXT Level will play Monday in the U15 final.

Written By: Sarah Reid

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