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AA Championship 2018 - GW Graham Grizzlies vs. South Kamloops Titans

The GW Graham Grizzlies have given their absolute all to make it to the Championship game. It’s the first time the team has ever gone to the finals, so expect these bears to be aggressive on the court.

Coach Sarah Mouritzen says her girls have been focused on getting to the finals all season, but the reality of them actually making it is something indescribable.

She had one thing to say about today’s finale:

“We’re just going to go play basketball.”

Something the girls have been doing all year that now, more than ever, will determine if they can tear apart the Titans and take home the banner.

As for South Kam, their drive and determination in every single game they’ve played leading up to this final is unrivalled. Coach Del Komarniski has trained these girls to be a dominant force.

Their passing is nearly flawless. And with height on their side, the Grizzlies will need to be sneaky little cubs in the paint to sink their baskets.

Maddy Gobeil, who won player of the game for South Kam in their previous matchup against STA, says this is what the Titans have been working for all year.

“We’ll just come in and do what we do best,” she said about the gold medal game.

This game is going to be fire. One team will be fighting to win another tournament, while the other is eager to be crowned champs for the first time in their program history. Expect blood, sweat, and tears. Well, hopefully no blood.

Watch the South Kamloops Titans versus the GW Graham Grizzlies in the AA Provincial Championship Finals today at 3:00pm in the Centre Court of the Langley Events Centre.

Third Place Game: Britannia Bruins vs. St. Thomas Aquinas Fighting Saints

Both teams fell short of making it to the finals, but this will also be an intense match-up on the court.

The Bruins will likely use their speed and abilities outside the arc to rack up points early in the game. However, the Fighting Saints have height on their size with the Clarke sisters.

You will not want to miss it!

Game starts at 1:15pm in the Field House Court of the Langley Events Centre.

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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